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About Quizzes

The Quizzes Tool

The Quizzes tool is used to deliver online tests of course material. As with the quizzes in a regular classroom environment, the quizzes in CougarVIEW give you the opportunity to gauge your understanding of course content and receive feedback from your instructor.


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Quiz Types

In CougarVIEW, there are two types of quizzes:

Quizzes Self-Assessments
Quizzes are online tests that your instructor will use to test your knowledge of course content and for which you are assigned a grade.

Example: The course midterm or final exam is typically a quiz.
Self-assessments are online tests that allow you to test your knowledge of course content. Self-assessments are purely for your own benefit. Although you receive a grade, the grade is not recorded and is not counted towards your final grade for the course.

Example: Self-assessments are often included in learning modules to allow you to gauge how well you understand the material that was covered.

Quiz Features

The Quizzes tool also has the following features:

  • Some quizzes have a time limit, while others provide an unlimited amount of time. Quizzes with a time limit provide you with the amount of time you have left as you take the quiz.
  • Sometimes quiz questions appear all at once and sometimes they appear one at a time. You may have the option of revisiting questions after you have saved an answer.
  • You may be able to attempt some quizzes more than once.

The Quizzes tool will appear on the course navigational bar. If you click the Quizzes button, you are taken to the main screen for the Quizzes tool. Alternatively, your instructor may add an quiz to the Action Menu of a learning module. If you click the quiz icon, you are taken to a screen that contains that specific assessment.

Important! CougarVIEW refers to all graded assessments (e.g. exams, tests) as quizzes and they are handled through the Quizzes link and interface. Surveys, like Course Evaluations, and self-assessments are considered separate items with their own links on your course navigational bar.