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Navigating Course Content

The primary navigation tool for a course is the course navigational bar, or navbar, which is always located at the top of the screen and displays links to the tools available in your course. Within each tool there are menus to navigate to different sections and pages, and tabs to switch between sections within a page.


Calendar tool highlighting the multiple menus and tabs that can be used to navigate within a course and initiate tasks


Making Things Happen: Action Icons

CougarVIEW makes extensive use of icons to initiate tasks and actions. To find out what an icon does, hover your mouse over it and an explanation will appear above the icon.


Classlist tool highlighting the Action Bar and other action icon locations.


Use the Content icons to:

  • navigate between topics,
  • show or hide the content map in the sidebar,
  • get help on the topic,
  • discuss the topic,
  • print the topic,
  • add or remove bookmarks, and
  • open the topic in a new tab or window.


Each icon in the Content Viewer is pointed out, from printing to navigation


Getting Help

Help, help icons (Help icon) and on-screen instructions appear throughout CougarVIEW, providing you with ready information about the specific page and tool that you are using. It is like a helpful nudge when you need it. There is always a Help link available on the navbar.

Discussion Settings highlighting where to find Instructions and Help information.


Blackboard Vista / Desire2Learn Comparison Chart

This chart compares tools and terminology used in Blackboard Vista with those used in Desire2Learn.

Blackboard Vista CougarVIEW






  • Assignments submissions allowed after due date


  • Assignments set up as "Folders"
  • Dropbox submissions not allowed after due date


  • Topics are created independently and moved to Categories
  • Discussions grading forms are created where discussion topic is created and visible to student in Grade Book
  • Discussion: Grade Topic


  • "Forums" required where " Topics" are created
  • Discussions rubrics are created and visible only in Grades
  • Discussions: Assess

Grade Book (Columns)

Grades (Grade Items)

Group Manager


Learning Modules




My Blackboard

My Home

Selective Release

Special Access

  • Allows special terms for special users—DSR, approved late submissions, etc.

  • Must be accessed separately outside of Blackboard

  • Integrated for submission and viewing from within CougarVIEW