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Accessing Course Content

When you access the course content through the Content Browser, you are taken directly to a page where the content is displayed in the Content Map.

The Content Browser widget and the Content link in the navbar can be used to access course content

For example, if a "Read Me First" page from the instructor has been added to the Content Browser and you click its link, you are taken to that introductory page.

The Content link will take you to a Table of Contents while the Content Browser allows you to navigate to individual content items

Course Modules

Typically, your course will be organized with one or more learning modules. Learning modules are used to organize and deliver online course materials to you; one way to think of learning modules is as "online lectures."

When you open a learning module, there are two ways to navigate the learning module content:

  1. The Content Browser table of contents is found in the left-hand frame. You can navigate through the learning module by clicking the linked title of the page to which you want to go. You can also collapse/expand areas of the table of contents.

  2. The Previous Page and Next Page icons is found in the Action Menu in the top right-hand frame. You can navigate through the learning module by clicking the Previous Page Previous Page icon and Next Page Next Page icon icons.

You can always return to the module's Table of Contents by clicking on the Go back icon Table of Contents link. Be sure to expand all sections of the table of contents. When you see a "+" next to a page title, click it to expand the content.