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About Classlist

Classlist is a directory of the names, e-mails, and the group setup which allows you quick access and a full list of fellow users. Users who are online appear with a yellow background. Users who are offline appear with a grey background. To view a user's personal profile, click on the '?' next to their name. If you have added a homepage to your profile, the home icon will be highlighted. You can access the Classlist tool from your Course Home.


Classlist tool with details on icons


Classlist includes the following features:

  • In the Classlist tool, you can view a list of users who are enrolled in your course and logged in to the CougarVIEW at the same time you are logged in. You can hide or display your own name on this list by setting your online status.
  • Instructors may opt to disable Classlist during exams.


This page allows you to edit your user profile. When someone looks up your user, they will be shown this information. If you are not comfortable revealing any of the information, simply leave it blank. To upload a picture of yourself for others to see, simply use the browse button below, locate the picture you would like to upload, and click 'OK'. Then select 'Save'.

The Online status icon Online Status icon displays beside the names of other students who are currently online.