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About Mail

The Email Tool

The Email tool is another tool that facilitates communication between you, your instructor, and your classmates. You can use the Email tool to send written messages to other users in your course or in CougarVIEW.

Using the Email tool to send messages is just like sending email. However, unlike an external email tool, you can only send messages to other CougarVIEW users; you cannot send messages outside the CougarVIEW course management system.

D2L internal email inbox

Email Features

The Email tool includes the following features:

  • You can send, read, reply to, and forward messages.
  • You can create folders that you can use to sort your messages.
  • You can save messages as a draft and preview them before sending them.

Let's begin by defining and explaining how and when to use the various tools found in your Email.

Folder List (Inbox) 

Your Inbox allows you to see both old and new messages that have been sent to you. When you receive a new message, it will be highlighted in your Inbox. You can move, sort, or delete messages from your Inbox. You can also mark messages as read and flag important messages.


Click on this button when you want to send a message. In order to compose a letter, you simply find and select the contact's address in the Address Book and then type a message. It can also be helpful to add a 'subject' line describing what your email will entail. You have the option of sending a carbon copy (cc) to other friends as well. If you do not finish your letter and wish to complete it at a later date, you can save the draft that you are working on by clicking on the 'send later' button. If you wish to send a file to your contact, simply type in the number of files you wish to attach and click on the 'attach file(s)' button and browse to the desired file.

Folder Management

This tool is used to help sort and store your messages. To create a new folder simply click on a message and Move checked email to New Folder and type in an appropriate name for your folder. To delete a folder, simply click on the Folders Button and select Delete under the Options menu. Note: this deletes all messages within that folder. To rename a folder, select 'rename' in the Options menu and make your change.

Address Book 

This is where you are able to store all of your contact's names and email addresses. To insert someone new into your address book, click on add contact. You can organize your contacts into groups, such as friends and classmates. To delete someone from your address book, click on the box next to the designated contact and then click the delete checked icon. If you wish to send an email to someone in your address book, you can simply check off the box beside their name and then click on 'send to checked'. This will automatically take you to the 'compose message' screen.

Reminder:  CougarVIEW will not email external addresses. You should only add email addresses for students in your class, in other words users whose addresses end in