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Attachments, Editing, Feedback and Printing

Adding Attachments

While using various CougarVIEW tools, you may want to upload files from your local computer to your D2L course. For example, to submit an assignment, you may need to upload a Microsoft Word file that contains your submission, or you may want to attach a file to an Email message.

If uploading a file is an option within the Dropbox tool you are using, you will see an Add a File button.


The Assignment Tool Add File Screen

Sequence of modal windows and buttons used to upload a file to Assignments Folder


The HTML Editor

The HTML Editor allows you to format files in HTML. The HTML Editor integrates with all CougarVIEW tools that enable you to create HTML content. For example, the HTML Editor is available when you compose Discussions and Emails.

The HTML Editor features two tabs:

  1. Basic: The Basic tab displays controls for common word processing tasks, such as underlining, bullets, insert images, Quicklinks, and tables and check spelling.

  2. Advanced: The Advanced tab displays all available controls including controls to insert objects such as Flash animation files and videos.

HTML Editor icon



The HTML Editor has three ways in which you can view content: the Design view, HTML Source view, and Preview. The Design view loads automatically when you access the HTML Editor. To open HTML Source view or Preview, select the Edit HTML Source or Preview icons in the bottom left of the HTML Editor page. A new window opens with the selected view.

Use the Toggle full screen mode icon in the bottom left corner of the HTML Editor to maximize or minimize the default view. You can also click and drag the bottom right corner of the HTML Editor to resize the HTML Editor.


Html Source Editor

Viewing Feedback

From the Assignments Folders page, click the View icon in the Feedback column for a folder.

View your comments, grades, and/or rubric achievement.

Click Download All Files to download any attachments.

Click to view feedback


Printing Content

You can print individual topics or whole modules through the Print page.

Click Content on the navbar to access the Manage Content page.

  1. Click View Content.

  2. Click Print in the top tool menu.

  3. Select the topics or modules you want work with.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Print icon.
    • Click the Print button.

If a topic contains a Microsoft PowerPoint file that was saved as an HTML file, that topic generates an error for download and does not print.