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About Assignments

Assignments is a submission box for you to submit your assignments. You can send all of your assignments electronically to be evaluated by placing them in the Assignments page which can be found under the Assessments drop down menu. 

The assignments you encounter in the Assignments are much like the assignments you would encounter in a face-to-face classroom. For example, you may be asked to complete questions, exercises, and written work or essays in order to help you gain a better understanding of the course material.

The Assignments Tool

DayLight assignments menu bar 


Assignment Features

The Assignments tool also includes the following features:

  • Each assignment has a due date; you may be able to submit your assignment late if your instructor chooses.
  • Your assignment may be gradable and count towards your final grade for the course.
  • You may be able to sign up for the assignment topic or group of your choice.
  • You may be able to take back, edit, and resubmit assignment submissions.

The Assignments tool will appear under the Assessments drop down on your course navigational bar. If you click the Assignments link, you are taken to the main screen for the Assignments tool which lists all of the assignments your instructor has assigned to you. Alternatively, your instructor may add an assignment to the learning module. If you click the assignment icon, you are taken to a screen that contains that specific assignment.

Plagiarism Detection enabled: Plagiarism detection allows your instructor to monitor your Assignments submissions and identify potential cases of plagiarism by automatically comparing submissions to an online database of original content. Your instructor may allow you to view the Originality Reports. These reports highlight key areas and show a breakdown of matching sources and provide direct links to the matching content.